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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jamalpur Town

Bokul tola more

Jamalpur is very old town in Bangladesh.Jamalpur is very nice town.There are few Market in Jamalpur town. All the market is knit and clean.Kothakoli market is very important market in Jamalpur Town.There are
Jamalpur Hill
many people comes in this market.There are 8(eight) important                                                        clinic/Hospital in jamalpur town.Zia health complex, punom clinic,Hazrat shahjamal (R) hospital,Ruma Dental clinic, Diabetic Centre are
Hazrat shahjamal(R) Mazar
very potential clinic in jamalpur town.There are two Potential Govt. school i.e. Jamalpur Zilla School and Govt. Grils School in jamalpur town.Ashique Mahmud University Collage is very important clinic in jamalpur town.River bromoputro is going inside Jamalpur town.There is very potential Railway Junction in Jamalpur town. Many people is coming and going to dhaka everyday by train from Jamalpur Railway town station."Singhojani" is the previous name of jamalpur Zilla. Hazrat shshjamal (R) came at Jamalpur and he invite to people for taking islam and give knowledge to people about islam religion. For that reason  Jamalpur is our new name of singhogani.For his invitation many people had taken islam for our religion.Everyday many people is going to this mazar for his only Love. Communication of Jamalpur town to his every thana is very good.There are two minister in jamalpur zilla like as  information minister Mr.Abul kalam Azad and land Minister Mr.Rezaul karim Hera.Everyday jamalpur is going to develop for wounderfull town. Sakal Bazar is vey important katcha bazar in Jamalpur town.Everyday many people is coming to sakalbazar for buying fish and vegetables.


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